Friday, April 18, 2014

The Cross He Bore by Frederick S Leahy


The Cross He Bore
by Frederick S Leahy
first published: 1996
copyright: 2007
pages: 100
format: paperback
source: own
finished reading.....April 17, 2014

Goodreads description: A series of meditative studies on the Passion of Jesus Christ, tracing his experience from the agony of the Garden Of Gethsemane to the darkness in which he died on Calvary

The Cross He Bore is an excellent book; short chapters that are tightly packed in a manner where one cannot escape from "meditating on the sufferings of the Redeemer" while being taken through Christ's last several hours in the Garden of Gethsemane to Golgotha.

My husband and I read this book together; I read each chapter aloud to him. Every chapter was insightful; details that have not crossed our minds before. Every chapter gave us a meaningful perspective on the cross; the passion of Christ. We both came away from the book moved and in deep thought.

The Cross He Bore is a rich gem, and one that begs for a yearly re-read. A book that we plan on reading aloud to our children. A book that allows for a cursory read or one of deeper reflection. It truly lends itself beautifully for reading in a few days or over the course of weeks. Either way you read this book, you cannot help but to reflect on the words.

The bottom line: The Cross He Bore left us feeling enriched. An excellent book.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Side Notes: While we mostly read this book during the Holy Week, this book most definitely could be and should be read at any point during the year.

We did start reading this book on April 7th, but we only managed to read 3 chapters before leaving on our trip to Toronto. During the drive to Toronto, Niagara Falls and back home, we finished the book; read 10 chapters.

For our next time reading this book, we hope to dig into the scripture references that are fabulously written into the text of the chapters


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