Saturday, January 4, 2014

Firsts of the year.....


First snow; January 1st. {accumulated about 12 inches}

First shift worked; January 1st. {12-hour shift, but mandatory low census the last 4 hours. That was good news considering the snow and all}

First scripture read; Romans 1:1 {started a year long journey digging deeper into the book of Romans.}

First illness; January 1st {Isaiah woke up puking around 2:30 am. He was better by January 2nd, thankfully. Me? A cold that started before January 1st and still is with me on January 3rd. Fun stuff, but could be worse.}

First breakfast; English Muffins with Almond Butter and a whole Grapefruit on January 1st. {ate it around 4:00am; I was awake since 2:30 am}

First dinner; Chicken Noodle soup {Robert made it on January 1st per my request}

First book with Grace; Andi's Pony Trouble (Circle C Beginnings series, book one) by Susan K. Marlow {started December 26th. She is reading the entire book aloud to me and doing a great job.}

First book; Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller {started January 1st} and A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny {started January 3rd} and continuing from 2013... Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus by Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg {such a good, good book and not one to rush through}

First Music; Spring and Summer by Jon Foreman

A First; January 2nd {the Christmas tree was taken down by me with the help of Isaiah and Grace. I've not taken a tree my 24 years married nor in my life.}

First road trip; January 3rd {road trip to bring Eva-Marie back to York University in Toronto; Glendon campus.}

First Trip this year to Niagara Falls; January 3rd - 4th {this place was quite alive at 11pm. Shocking; it's freezing outside. I look forward to seeing the Falls in the cold.}

First Sleep-overs; January 2nd {Grace is staying overnight with the sister's family. A double-decker sleep over} January 3rd {Elliana and Isaiah are staying overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's. Elizabeth is on a road trip of her own; Cheerleading State Championships. I hope her varsity team does well, and - more importantly - have fun.}

First To-Do List; January 3rd. {should have created one for things needed and such before taking Evie back to school. But, I didn't. While driving to Toronto, a million things that need to get done which I keep forgetting has entered my head. Time for a to-do list; it has been created.}

First Blog Post; January 4th {this one}



  1. Oh, I like this post. Happy New Year!!

  2. A list of happy firsts, with a few not-so-happy woven in. Isn't that so much like life? Mercifully there are more happy than sad in your post and I wish that for all of us as we look back on 2014 when, in the blink of an eye, we are once again celebrating the holidays.

    I'm back to work for the first time this year today...thrilled to have a good job, but I'm not ready to go back.



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