Friday, December 16, 2011

Song (Album) of the Week: Stormy Weather presents… Doo Wop Yule Pop

Oh wow!  One more week left to feature my favorite Christmas albums.  Amazingly, Christmas is almost upon us.  I must admit, Christmas music is what is helping me greatly to maintain the Christmas spirit this year.  Does not music do that for you – help with your mood, uplift your spirits?  Now time for my third favorite Christmas album of 2011….


Stormy Weather presents … Doo Wop Yule Pop was purchased many years ago – 1999, I do believe.  I bought this album on a whim.  I saw it while shopping in a specialty type children toy shop that is now closed.  They were playing the music in the background, and I loved the catchy doo wop sound.  I did not realize that this album would be part of our Christmas music favorites.  It is.  I would say, this is probably the children’s first choice, and it usually is my first choice too when I want to play something fun with the children in mind. No, wait, it is second – Hanson still is the first choice even in this scenario.


I had terrible troubles locating any music featured on this spectacular album – which is still available to purchase, I might add.

I cannot find any links to full length songs.  So, sorry to say, I am linking you up to where you can sample the album.

Doo Wop Yule Pop

Our favorite songs:

  • Doo Wop Yule Pop
  • Hardrock, Coco & Joe
  • White Christmas
  • Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  • A Yule Tide Aire

Actually, we like them all.  Take a listen to the snippets, and tell me, what do you think of doo wop?


  1. That sounds like a fun one! I love these old "full of memories" Christmas albums. 

  2. It is a fun album - doo wop is fun.

    What Christmas music have you been listening to this past week? or are you still listening to Silversun Pickups?

  3. Quite a bit of Michael Buble lately. And I'm still loving all my favorite Mannheim Steamroller Christmas songs. I'm loving Enya too. 

  4. I've been getting into Christmas songs more this year than usual. It's helping me keep my spirits up. This CD sounds fun. I like that it's a capella, well, the songs I listened to were.  Fun!  

  5. I have to say, I have not really listened to Michael Buble. Should I change that fact? Or, do you only listen to his Christmas album?

    I have a Mannheim Steamroller album that I like very much - it actually is on my short list for my last Christmas album to highlight.

  6. No Michael Buble at all? Yes, you should change that! :) He is very fun. I have all his albums. 

    I hope the MS album makes the cut for next week's highlight! It would be interesting to see which one you like best. I have a hard time choosing. 

  7. I am going to confess my ignorance, I really did not know what a Capella is so i just googled it.
    Hmm.... I think all their songs have intrumentally accompanied, but honestly, I only hear their voices in my head right now.

    What Christmas music have you been listening to or is it a mix with nothing particular?

  8. Oh no...are you telling that maybe possibly I might find myself in a Michael Buble year in 2012 like I was with Josh Groban this year...but most likely not as intense.



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