Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Tunes - Brooke Fraser

Thursday Tunes is hosted by S. Krishna's Books.  
Each week music will be showcased.  Join in on the fun, share what you are listening to, what music artist you have discovered, to see what others are showcasing, etc. 

This week I am showcasing...

Brooke Fraser
An award-wining singer-songwriter - Brooke Fraser hails from New Zealand where she started learning piano at an early age.  Early in her teen years she started writing songs and self-taught herself guitar. In 2003 her first album What to Do with Daylight was released in New Zealand.  This album did very well in New Zealand.  In late 2006, Brooke Fraser's second album Albertine was released. This album has done very well in New Zealand and in Australia. Albertine is Brooke Fraser's U.S. debut album and was released in the U.S. in May 2008.

Between the 1st and 2nd album, Brooke Fraser moved to Australia attended Hillsong Church where she became a worship leader and was involved in a series of albums with Hillsong United.

When I first discovered Brooke Fraser I thought "wow".  I was very impressed with her beautiful, soulful voice.  Her songs are uplifting and have me singing along. I also appreciate an artist who write their own music - love that!

Deciphering Me is from the Albertine album.

Shadowfeet is from the Albertine album.

Lifeline is from the What to Do with Daylight  album.

Arithmetic is from the What to Do with Daylight  album.

Here is a cool piece where Brooke Fraser dissects her song Arithmetic.  It is interesting to read - to see what this wonderful singer-songwriter was thinking as she wrote the song Arithmetic. 

Tell me...did you take a listen to Brooke Fraser?  Which song stands out to you?

What song/album/artist are you "grabbing" to listen to this week?


  1. Oooh, I LIKE HER! I had never heard of Brooke Fraser before. I really liked Shadowfeet and Arithmetic.

  2. Wow, her voice definitely is beautiful! Thanks for playing along!

  3. Nely - I recently discovered Brooke Fraser and am truly enjoying her music. Glad you like her.

    S. Krishna - Her voice is beautiful. Glad to be playing along!

  4. I liked Lifeline.

    I have been enjoying my new Kathy Troccoli CD, just released last month - it's great!

  5. Off topic here - just responding to your question on my site about the illustrations in Sir Kevin of Devon. If yhou think "It's a Small World After All" (at Disneyland) you've got it just about right. Very 60's style illustrations with black, white and the color red. I don't know how most kids would find that but it's unique and different!

  6. Thanks Karen... I am going to check out Kathy Troccoli's new CD.

    Carrie - thanks to your reply about the book. I can picture the illustrations now and seems like it would be great for my little guy. Thanks.



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